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Darkest Hour


In America none of us ever feared that our country would be invaded and we would be subjugated to the will of a foreign country. Even in WWII we were…

Phantom Thread


This may be a bit of a spoiler alert, but there’s a moment in ​Phantom Thread​ where Reynolds Woodcock sees a ghost. It’s not particularly frightening, though you could be…



As a child, like many others, I loved to play in the mud. We had a “sandpile” next to our barn that was about 25% sand with the rest dirt,…

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Apologia for Malick


Not that Terrence Malick needs a defense, but it seems that he has taken some heat from the forum of critics (including some of our own) as of late. This…

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The Post


Is there any director with a more impressive filmography than Steven Spielberg? He defined our childhood, explored every genre, invented the blockbuster, and delivered masterpieces worthy of any top ten…